About Us

After spending most part of the last 18 years living abroad in Europe and Asia, we returned to New Zealand in 2016 with our two children to start the next chapter of our lives. Originally from Wellington, we wanted to try somewhere and something different. After spending time in the Tasman region we knew straight away that it was a very special place and offered us a fantastic playground to raise two active children. After then falling in love with the peace and tranquility of Mārama Vineyard and the natural beauty of the surrounding area we made the move in March 2016. The name Mārama is a maori word meaning brightness, clearness. To us this name fits our vineyard perfectly. Bathed in sunlight during the day and moonlight at night, the warm positive feelings associated with this word are how we feel whenever we are at home at Mārama. The free standing cast iron sculpture we have in our garden was the inspiration behind our logo. Strong and bold, yet allowing the light through. Local artist Graham Snook based in Mapua is the talented man who made this. We would like to thank the wonderful team at Chocolate Dog Studio for their creative work. Jane created the perfect logo, and Neil took the photos capturing the true brightness of Mārama.